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Welcome to the PlatPics Archive
Written by Marco   
This will be the future home for the image archive of the Platinum Age Comics mailing list.

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The Platinum Age Comics mailing list
Written by Robert Beerbohm   

The serious international study of comic strips & books and their creators published before the mid-1930s going back into the 1600s and beyond. It appears most modern comic strip roads actually lead back to Rodolphe Töpffer in the 1820s-1840s and most definitely not The Yellow Kid, which was not the first comic strip, merely the first Comics Super Star in America. We are re-writing the comic strip history books here, folks. All concepts welcomed.

Brother Jonathan Extra no. IXPictured to the right is a first printing of the very first comic book printed in America, Brother Jonathan Extra # IX, "The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck", Sept 14, 1842, Wilson & Co., NYC; originally by Rodolphe Töpffer who published his first version in Geneva Switzerland in 1827 utilizing then new technology we now call "paper transfer lithograhy."

"Pirate" Paris printings began by 1833 and soon became very popular.

The first English translation was published in 1841 by Tilt & Bogue, London, financed in part by George Cruickshank. Those London printing plates were then shipped over to America, where Wilson & Co, under the direction of B. H Day, founder of the first successful penny newspaper in America in 1833, The New York Sun, began publishing Brother Jonathan "Extra" editions, circa 1841 with this being the 9th one. It is very rare with only a handful of first printings known to exist. Obadiah Oldbuck was continuously in print in America from 1842 through as late as 1904, according to research discovered in The New York Times of that year.

All list members are encouraged to search through the archives of over 13,000 posts of cutting edge comics history archeology. You will be glad you did.






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